Thursday, September 24, 2015

John Brown's Body-by-Fisher: Returning to Antietam in the 2015 Lincoln Navigator, Part I.

They are misfit and strange in our new day, 
In Sixty-One they were not quite so strange,
Before the Fords, before the day of the Fords. 

Stephen Vincent BenÄ—t, John Brown’s Body, 1927

Abraham Lincoln said “the best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” Of course, that's only true until it stops coming at all. Then -- if you’re anything like Lincoln the Emancipator -- you belong to the ages.

What then of Lincoln the Navigator – Ford Motor’s Columbiad of an SUV? Reports are mixed. Some say that Ford CEO Alan Mulally is intent on having the truck-based four-by join the Lincoln Town Car in belonging to the ages; while others hold that it's only this generation Navigator (around since 2007) that's about disappear into the annuls of automotive history.

Both reflect the trouble the Navigator has had in drawing buyers away from Cadillac Escalades and Land Rover Range Rover Sports. Left to wallow in the back channels of uncool truckdom, the Kentucky-built Lincoln must now chart a new course if it’s to sailor on.

Oh captain, my captain: The 2015 Lincoln Navigator